Saturday, September 20, 2014

Workshop in Carthage, North Carolina in May 2015

San Francisco too far away?  No prob, Bob.  At least, no prob if you live near Carthage, North Carolina.  From May 6-10 of next year I will be teaching a still life workshop with my lovely assistant, David Gluck.  As everyone knows, two teachers are more entertaining than one, especially when they're married and have nine years of artistic differences of opinion to work out in public.  We will be hosted by Carmen Gordon of Oak Hollow Studios.

If you are interested in enrolling, please get in touch with Carmen directly by email:

Another really neat studio space.  Love that rug.  Can I butter-side-down this one too?

Oh, and I can't wait to eat my face off while I'm there.  Photographic evidence suggests that there is a talented cook at Oak Hollow Studios.  Will there even be time for painting?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Workshop in San Francisco, January 2015

I will be offering a workshop in San Francisco at the beautiful Sadie Valeri Atelier from January 5-9 in 2015.  Have you seen pictures of this place?  Gorgeous, functional, and professional.  I've got a feeling she doesn't resort to bubblegum and paperclips to patch up dysfunctional light clips and rocky easels.

I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about painting on carpet.  I just know I'm going to be the first one to drop my palette butter side down.

My workshop will be a still life workshop and you can read all about it here.  Or you can read about it here:

"Learn some new tricks from award winning still life painter, Katherine Stone. Kate will share her four-step process for paint layering and her methodology for creating a work of art that will not yellow, delaminate, crack or peel. With the help of a slideshow of close up photos of her own work, Kate will also share her techniques for creating textural and optical effects.
While students work on their individual paintings, particular emphasis will be placed on using the natural behavior of oil paint to arrive at convincing textures. Katherine will share her own approach for tackling wood grain, reflections, shadows, and peeling paint. She will also discuss artistic choices in paint application: when to impasto, when to scumble, when to glaze. Students will leave the workshop with a logical step-by-step approach to still life and new confidence when confronted with complex textures and challenging visual effects."

 Or, if you'd rather get tattooed, my husband will be working out of Tattoo Boogaloo for the duration of my workshop.  And at the end of my workshop we'll all get matching tattoos that say "SVA Workshop 2015" on our left ass cheeks.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Icarus VII: Auction!

Found: one sad little red-breasted nuthatch who never lived up to his full potential.   He never wrote that book.  Never made that trip to Paris.  People.  Life is short.

So go buy some art.